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Thread: looking for Cam Neely items!

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    looking for Cam Neely items!

    Howdy! If you have any good Neely cards in terrific shape please LMK. peace

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    i have a few cam neely cards that i would be willing to trade for the hossa's would you be interested?

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    OK. Sure! I will round up all the Hossas I have & I'll email you tomorrow.

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    i have a cool Cam Neely I found a little while ago its a 92-93 Pinnacle Sidelines and it shows him in his street cloths in front of his restaurant...BV $0.25

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    Hey Nilan
    I have tons of base cards from 88-89 to last years. Mostly base but a few inserts, LMK if your interested.
    I collected GU'ed stuff, I will trade in your favor
    My wife made me the official Larry Robinson Collector
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