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Thread: Who's got a story?

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    Who's got a story?

    I know I have some great IP stories. Do you?
    I posted these on another thread but, what the heck.

    Terry Francona stopped signing after a kid chucked his glove at him.

    Jon Heyman looked at me with his face all confused and said, "You want my autograph?"

    I told Nick Evans when he was in AA that I enjoyed watching him play for the Mets and he said, "Yeah, so did I!"

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    So I'm at the Yankee Pinstriped autograph show in New Jersey this past weekend. Hit the elevator button from the 13th floor to head down to the bar area to see if any of the players are in there. Elevator doors open up and there's Whitey Ford one of the show promoters. You could tell he had already been at the bar, lol....said hello and told him to have a good night. He comments "Hope you get as good of a nights sleep as I'm going to!" LOL....classic Whitey!

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    Well, being that I go to Cal Baseball games a lot, I often ask for autographs and get "You want my autograph?" Well, good thing I had some of these awkward moments, as many of these players are major leaguers.

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    I was preparing for the 2010 NBA China Games in Guangzhou. I went to this thing about the upcoming new Barclays Arena for the New Jersey Nets in Brooklyn which they said would have NBA Players from the Nets there to promote it. Sadly when I arrived no NBA Players were there but as I entered the venue, I ran into NBA Legend Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins. This event was at the Westin Hotel, I was shocked and he was surprised by my knowledge and interest in his career. He signed 2 autos for me cause that was all I had for people i had nothing of, a NBA Folder and a autographed photo of me and him out of my instant camera. I then ran into him at the game and he signed and personalized a 6x8 photo of me and him which i printed.

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    I went to the Philadelphia Flyers training camp as a kid and got 90% of the teams autographs but I remember getting Eric Lindros's as he was getting in a cab and the cab driver was yelling at me to get away and that they had to leave and Eric was like you hold on got of the car and signed my Flyers mini stick. Ron Hextal was probably the scariest to meet in person just because all I'd seen of him was him slashing opposing teams players.

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    when me and my brother each got chippers auto the first time he almost ran over are mom on accident ha

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    Mike Piazza almost ran over one of my friends with a golf cart by accident... Players have to be more careful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metsmagic18 View Post
    Mike Piazza almost ran over one of my friends with a golf cart by accident... Players have to be more careful.
    The more importanat question though, is, did you get his autograph? Piazza is one of the "less friendly" players I've encountered....

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    I wasn't there, and no my friend didn't get his autograph. Piazza is my favorite player of all time.

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    me and my brother waited 3 hours for Mike Lowell in the bushes...we scared the crap out of him but he laughed when we told him we had been waiting for him for about 3 hours and sign'd... the next day we went to best buy and guess who we saw there, Mike Lowell lol he laughed and told us that we should of just waited and gott'n his autograph that day.

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