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    What happens when a trade is in dispute?

    I recently made a trade with paypal involved.
    for some reason when I sent the transaction,itwas never sent to the other party.
    I have resent the payment,this time it shows as sent.
    However the other party has put the trade in dispute.
    how does this affect your trader rating?
    Do you get to explain your side or is it an automatic negative.
    I can understand some people are really serious about there trades and sales.
    I am more of a casual trader,I trade when I have time.
    I work away from home alot,I don't always get my trade because of this.
    I have completed well over 100 trades problem free on the site.
    It kind of sucks if you end up with a negative because of a computer error.
    Anybody know how this gets dealt with
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    Hey Scott,

    Great questions you have - basically, if a trade is put into dispute it will be assigned to one of the Dispute Team moderators. They in turn will gather info from the member who placed the trade into dispute, then contact the other member involved for info from them. Once both sides of the story have been told, the trade manager will act as a mediator between the two parties to resolve the issue to the best of our abilities.

    I have pulled up your Dispute and it is being handled by DaveS who is in the process of gathering information and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

    It sounds to me that since you have (or should have) proof of payment in the form of a PayPal receipt that would have been emailed to you - you will be able to confirm that payment was sent. If you want to be proactive (and obviously you do since you started this thread) I would suggest contacting both your trading partner and your dispute manager (DaveS) with an explanation of what has happened thus far and go from there.

    If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact myself, DaveS or any other moderator as we're always here to help!

    I closing, I think your inquiry has been addressed and as such I will be closing this thread and place the ball in your court to take the appropriate actions from here.

    Best of luck,

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