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Thread: Selling! Nice stuff, cheap!

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    *more added!* Selling! Nice stuff, cheap!

    Got pics of any, so LMK with your email address.

    These are $1 each or 6 for $5.
    Eric Belanger 02-03 Upper Deck Specialists BLACK
    Dan Cloutier 00-01 Private Stock Titanium WHITE
    Dallas Drake 00-01 Private Stock BLACK
    Glenn Healy 00-01 Private Stock Titanium WHITE
    Tomas Kloucek 01-02 Topps Reserve Jersey Relic RED
    Joel kwiatkowski 01-02 SPx Rookie Jersey 1332/1500 RED
    Steve Shields 01-02 UD Top Shelf Pad BLACK
    Dan Snyder 01-02 SPx Rookie Jersey Home 1067/1500
    Kevin Stevens 01-02 Private Stock YELLOW
    Mike Eastwood/Dallas Drake 01-02 Vanguard Dual Jerseys BLUE/GREEN
    Mike Peca 98-99 BAP Gold Auto

    Various prices, nice cards, real cheap. LMK if interested in any.
    Kenny Jonsson 01-02 Private Stock PATCH ORANGE AND WHITE
    Roberto Luongo 00-01 Private Stock PATCH WHITE AND BLUE 106/183
    Trevor Linden 00-01 Private Stock Game Used STICK WHITE AND BLACK (1/1??)
    Petr Nedved 01-02 Private Stock PATCH RED
    Wayne Primeau 00-01 Private Stock Titanium PATCH 3 COLOURS BLUE,BLACK, WHITE 062/400
    Richard Smehlik 01-02 Private Stock PATCH SILVER & BLACK (1/1 NHL LOGO!)
    Steve Sullivan 01-02 Private Stock PATCH BLACK, SILVER, WHITE
    Steve Sullivan 01-02 Private Stock PATCH BLACK
    Darryl Sydor 01-02 Private Stock PATCH BLACK GOLD GREEN (point of star)
    Jay Mckee 01-02 Private Stock PATCH WHITE
    Boris Mironov 01-02 Private Stock PATCH BLACK
    Andreas Dackell 01-02 MVP First STar 22/25
    Krystofer Kolanos 2002 Pacific Toronto Spring Expo Rookie Collection 139/500
    Drake Berehowsky 99-00 MVP SCE SUper Script 10/25

    $5 for
    Mike Peluso 01-02 UD Mask RC 0179/1500, 0490/1500, 974/1500
    Brian Sutherby 01-02 UD Mask RC 1343/1500
    (BVs $5 each = $20)

    $1 for 99-00 Pacific PROMO & 98-99 Revolution PROMO both Martin Brodeur

    CHEAP EXPO CARDS give offer!
    Kolanos 01-02 BAP Parkhurst RC 23rd National Chicago 2002 03/10
    Brathwaite 01-02 BAP BTP Spring Expo 02 01/10
    Daniel Briere 02-03 BAP 1st Edition The Big One 4/10
    Mike Richter 01-02 BAP BTP Mask Spring Expo 02 05/10
    4 various Heatley BAP Promos /10
    Tomas Kaberle 99-00 BAP Sig Series All-Star Toronto 23/25
    Darryl Sittler UD All-Star Toronto PROMO
    Darryl Sittler Topps All-Star Toronto PROMO

    all prices in US FUnds
    shipping is extra! although not a lot!

    50 cents each for most of these
    Curtis Joseph/Roberto Luongo 00-01 MVP MVP Excellence
    Poulin/roenick/Amonte 95-96 Topps Power Lines
    Forsberg/Modano 00-01OPC Men in the Middle
    Peluso/Holik/McKay 95-96 Topps Power Lines
    Tony Amonte 97-98 SPx Bronze
    Dave Andreychuk 97-98 Canadian Ice Provincial Series 155/750
    Stu Barnes 94-95 UD ELectric Ice
    Ed Belfour 95-96 Ultra Premiere Pad Men
    Bryan Berard 97-98 Totally Certified Red 1621/6199
    Bryan Berard 94-95 Parkhurst SE RC
    Bryan Berard 94-95 UD RC
    Sergei Berezin 97-98 Totally Certified Blue 0820/3099
    Rob Blake 98-99 UD McDonald's Wayne Gretzky Teammates
    Rob Blake 90-91 UD RC
    Peter Bondra 00-01 MVP Stanley Cup Talent
    Peter Bondra 96-97 Metal Lethal Weapon
    Peter Bondra 95-96 Pinnalce Roaring 20s
    Sebastien Bordeleau 97-98 Score Platinum Team
    Ray Bourque 00-01 MVP Clutch Performers
    Ray Bourque 99-00 UD Crunch Time
    Pavel Bure 00-01 MVP Top Draws
    Pavel Bure 00-01 MVP Second Season Snipers
    Pavel Bure 95-96 Stadium Club Extreme Corps
    Pavel Bure 94-95 POG
    Pavel Bure 95-96 Pinnacle Roaring 20s
    Valeri Bure 00-01 McDonalds Prism Blue
    Jim Campbell 97-98 Pinnacle Certified Red
    Jim Campbell 96-97 Pinnacle Mint + Brass Coin
    Jim Carey 96-97 Leaf Press Proof
    Jim Carey 95-96 Topps New to the Game
    Greg Classen 00-01 Vintage RC
    Vincent Damphousse 97-98 Score Check It
    Eric Daze 97-98 Pinnacle Certified Red
    Eric Daze 96-97 SPx Gold
    Patrick Desrochers 01-02 BAP BTP RC
    Theo Fleury 00-01 MVP MVP Talent
    Theo Fleury 00-01 MVP SCE Stanley Cup Talent
    Theo Fleury 97-98 Canadian Ice National Pride 0541/1997
    Theo Fleury 95-96 Ultra Red Light Special Gold Medallion
    Theo Fleury 95-96 Fleer Metal PROMO
    Peter Forsberg 95-96 Topps New to the Game
    Jeff Friesen 95-96 Topps New to the Game
    Scott Gomez 00-01 MVP SCE Cup Contenders
    Wayne Gretzky 95-96 Collector's Choice Gretzky Collection header, G1, G9
    Gretzky Proset Platinum Club
    Wayne Gretzky 98-99 Mcdonald's Grand Moment
    Brent Grieve 94-95 UD Electric Ice
    Hasek 00-01 Stadium Club Special Forces
    Hasek 00-01 MVP Top Draws
    Hasek 99-00 Stadium club Chrome
    Derian Hatcher 94-95 UD SP Die-Cut
    Derian hatcher 90-91 UD RC
    Jochen Hecht 00-01 OPC Own the Game
    Jochen Hecht 99-00 paramount RC
    Jochen Hecht 99-00 MVP RC (x3)
    Milan Hedjuk 99-00 MVP SCE Cup Contenders
    Ron Hextall 95-96 Topps Hidden Gems
    Kelly Hrudey 95-96 Pinnacle Artist's Proofs
    Brett Hull 99-00 MVP Hands of gold
    Brett Hull 99-00 MVP Special Forces
    Brett Hull 96-97 Pinnacle Mint + Coin
    Brett Hull 95-96 Parkhurst Silver Crown
    Brett Hull 95-96 Topps Profiles
    Brett Hull 95-96 Pinnacle Clear Shots
    Jagr 00-01 Stadium Club Special Forces
    Paul Kariya 00-01 MVP Valuable commodities
    Kariya 99-00 MVP 21st century NHL
    Kariya 96-97 Pinnalce Mint + Brass Coin
    Kariya 96-97 Fleer Picks Fabulous Fifty
    Trevor Kidd 94-95 Parkhurst Parkie Gold
    Saku Koivu 00-01 McDonald's Prism Blue
    Saku Koivu 96-97 Pinnacle Mint + Coin
    Viktor Kozlov 94-95 UD SP Die-Cuts
    John LeClair 01-02 Stadium Club Club Gallery
    John LeClair 00-01 MVP Top Draws
    John LeClair 99-00 MVP SCE SIlver Script
    JOhn leClair 96-97 Donruss Press Proofs
    John leClair 96-97 Fleer Picks Fantasy Force
    David Legwand 99-00 MVP 21st Century NHL
    David Legwand UD PowerDeck CD
    Mario Lemieux 92 Classic Flashback PROMO
    Brett LIndros 95-96 Pinnacle Full Contact
    Eric lindros 00-01 MVP Top Draws
    Eric Lindros 99-00 Ultimate Victory Stature
    Eric Lindros 96-97 Pinnacle Mint + Coin
    Eric Lindros 95-96 Topps Profiles
    Eric Lindros 94-95 UD SP insert
    Eric Lindros 91 Score #30
    Al MacInnis 00-01 OPC 1000 Pt Club
    Al macInnis 99-00 OPC Ice Masters
    Kirk McLean 95-96 Parkhurst Goal Patrol
    Mark Messier 99-00 MVP SCE STanley Club Talent
    Mike Modano 97-98 leaf preferred VAnity Plate
    Andy Moog 95-96 Ultra Premiere Pad Men
    Mirko Murovic 98-99 UD RC
    Cam Neely 94-95 UD SP Die-Cut
    Adam Oates 97-98 Donruss Press Proof
    Ivan Novoseltsev 99-00 sTadium Club RC
    Zigmund Palffy 00-01 MVP MVP Talent
    Zigmund Palffy 00-01 UD Skilled Stars
    Zigmund Palffy 99-00 MVP SCE Stanley Cup Talent
    Mike Peca 01-02 Stadium Club SP
    Owen Nolan 90-91 UD RC
    Mike Richter 90-91 UD RC
    Roenick 00-01 Vintage National Heroes
    Roenick 99-00 MVP SCE STanley Club Talent
    Roenick 95-96 Ultra Premier Pivot Gold Medallion
    Roenick 95-96 Topps Profiles
    Roenick 95-96 Fleer Metal PROMO
    Roenick 95-96 Pinnacle Roaring 20s
    Brian Rolston 94-95 UD SP Die-Cut
    Patrick Roy 94-95 UD SP inserts
    Joe Sakic 00-01 MVP MVP Talent
    Joe SAkic 00-01 MVP CLutch Performers
    Joe Sakic 95-96 Topps Profiles
    Selanne 00-01 MVP Top Draws
    Selanne 99-00 OPC Top of the World
    Selanne 96-97 Pinnacle Mint + Coin
    Alexander Selivanov 94-95 UD SP inserts die-cut
    Shanahan 00-01 Pacific North American All-Stars
    Patrik Stefan 99-00 MVP SCE Cup Contenders
    Scott Stevens 99-00 MVP SCE SIlver Script
    Scott Stevens 95-96 Topps Profiles
    Niklas Sundstrom 92-93 UD RC
    Petr Svoboda 95-96 Pinnacle Artist's Proof
    Darryl Sydor 90-91 UD RC
    Jocelyn Thibault 96-97 Pinnalce Mint + Coin
    Joe Thornton 99-00 MVP SCE Second Season Snipers
    Keith Tkachuk 96-97 Pinnalce Mint + Coin
    Pierre Turgeon 00-01 OPC 1000 Pt club
    Vanbiesbrouck 97-98 Spx Silver
    Vanbiesbrouck 96-97 Pacific Photoengravings
    Vanbiesbrouck 96-97 Pinnalce Mint Bronze
    Vanbiesbrouck 96-97 Pinnalce Mint Silver
    Vanbiesbrouck 95-96 topps Profiles
    Sergei Vyshedevich 00-01 BAP RC
    peter Worrell 98-99 Pacific RC
    Yashin 97-98 SPx silver
    Zhamnov 94-95 UD SP Die-Cut insert

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    i want to buy these:

    so i owe you 5 dollars for these:

    Stu Barnes 00-01 Private Stock Titanium BLACK
    Keith Tkachuk 00-01 MVP Game Used Stick
    Sergei Zubov 00-01 Private Stock Titanium GREEN
    Steve Shields 00-01 Black Diamond Game Used Pad WHITE
    Kirk McLean 00-01 Private STock Titanium Stick 013/254
    Eric Daze 00-01 Titanium Draft Day 0125/1020 WHITE

    and i want this one too:

    Sergei Zubov 01-02 Atomic Jersey PATCH GOLD SWATCH 221/268

    PLMK THE TOTAL!! THANKS!!! i will give you my address after we decide on a total! thanks again!

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    SuicideSquirrel7-can you find a BV for the Zubov patch? i can't seem to get one online.. LMK

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    theres also a tiny bit of white in one of the corners of the Zubov patch. jUst wanted to let you know that. It is a thick card. LMK if thats a problem

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    i also want another 6 from the top:

    Mike Peca 98-99 BAP Gold Auto
    Scott Walker 00-01 Titanium Draft Day 190/520 BLUE
    Jeff Bateman 00-01 SPx RC Jersey GREEN
    Jason Allison 02-03 UD Difference Makers PURPLE
    Dan Cloutier 00-01 Private Stock Titanium BLACK
    Dan Snyder 01-02 SPx Rookie Jersey Away 0770/1500


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    Originally posted by Streetjammin911
    Man, you're taking all the good stuff...

    1st come, 1st served!

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