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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie_2 View Post
    Quick question everyone...when is the latest ST TTM should be sent out?
    for me, i stop sendinng once march starts, but i would probably stop sending about 2 weeks before the teams first game.
    ​Starting an Ian Desmond collection, any help is appreciated!

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    I got Brett Cecil(Blue Jays Pitcher)back today. Took 10 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie_2 View Post
    Quick question everyone...when is the latest ST TTM should be sent out?
    I'll be sending my last ones out in 1.5 to 2 weeks from now - and that is about the cut off date I think most will agree with. I came out with only 19 of them still out there, and the other 30 signed and 1 refused (there's some encouragement for you).

    Here's my list of the 37 I'm probably sending out soon, but if you have a BETTER SUGGESTION for me, I'd love to hear it. I had to fill out the list with players I was going to send to during the season because I couldn't find anything to send to some guys who are signing (Cecil, Weiters, Wood, Crow are a few good examples)

    Anderson, Matt
    Belliard, Ronnie
    Berra, Yogi - maybe Yankees ST???
    Cantu, Jorge
    Chamberlain, Joba
    Damon, Johnny
    Descalso, Daniel
    Dickey, R.A.
    Drabek, Kyle
    Feliz, Neftali
    Figgins, Chone
    Garcia, Freddy
    Gee, Dillon
    Guerrero, Vladimir
    Hamilton, Josh
    Hudson, Daniel
    Ishikawa, Travis
    Jay, John
    Jones, Chipper
    LaRussa, Tony
    LeBlanc, Wade
    Lucroy, Jonathan
    McGwire, Mark - long shot of the year
    Morgan, Nyjer
    Okajima, Hideki
    Olsen, Scott
    Putz, J.J.
    Rhodes, Arthur
    Sabathia, CC
    Sale, Chris
    Soriano, Rafael
    Thornton, Matt
    Valverde, Jose
    Vargas, Jason
    Vizquel, Omar
    Walker, Neil
    Wood, Kerry

    Already sent on 2/17/11:

    Axford, John
    Bell, Heath
    Billingsley, Chad
    Dempster, Ryan
    Garland, Jon
    Gregg, Kevin
    Laird, Gerald
    Pierre, Juan
    Santana, Carlos
    Trammell, Alan
    Wang, Chien-Ming
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    Zack, the Detroit Tigers & TTM/IP autograph collector
    I don't check here often, so PM me if you can't wait.

    I DO NOT support the Panini/new Donruss company and am not interested in there cards.
    Please refrain from offering those in trades with me

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    I've sent three more out on 2/22/11....Vlad, Andrew Bailey, and Don Wak.

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    Justin Masterson, 11 days

    ​Starting an Ian Desmond collection, any help is appreciated!

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    sending 5 more tomorrow:
    J.P. Arencibia
    Vlad Guerrero (know its still a longshot, but after success last week worth a shot on a cheap base card)
    Eric Young Jr.
    Carlos Santana
    Yonder Alonso

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    I told myself that I would only send to a few Mets this spring training given my poor results last season. However, once I saw the customs I was making I kept going and going. Just sent out about 20 requests. Looking back, I guess I would have rather sent them a week or two back, but hey, I guess I am better late than never.


    Andrew Bailey
    Mat Latos
    David Price (a longshot but he signed sporadically last ST)
    Tony Larussa
    Mookie Wilson - I hope he signs it b/c it is an absurd picture of he and Keith Hernandez posing with the Count from Sesame Street. I explained to him it was the only photo I could find, and that my daughter loves the Count.
    RA Dickey
    Bobby Parnell
    Jenrry Mejia
    Josh Thole
    JP Arencibia
    Kyle Drabek
    Joe Nathan
    Michael Cuddyer
    Pat Neshek
    Chipper Jones
    Drew Stubbs
    Joey Votto (longshot, but he signed last season ST and I am still kicking myself for not sending to him)
    Matt Wieters
    Adam Jones
    Neftali Feliz
    Dustin Ackley
    Matt Cain
    David Wright - By far my longest shot ever. He is my favorite player though, so it is worth a shot for me. I sent him an 8x10 custom, genuine letter, and even attached a small photo of my family (me, wife, and 10 month old daugter) all wearing Mets gear. I figure any time I send to him, it better be an 8x10 because if I get lucky then there'll be no regrets.

    I realized there is a bunch more I would like to send to, however, given how long it takes me to get requests out, I may wait until regular season for the rest.
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    Good luck!
    "The Mets have shown me more ways to lose than I even know existed" -Casey Stengel
    Let's go: Mets/Giants/Knicks/Rangers/Wild/Chelsea/Rutgers
    Autographs of Larry Walker, Yadier Molina, Jason Simontacchi, and So Taguchi Wanted!
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    Got Jesse Litsch back today another Blue Jays pitcher

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    putting in the mail tomorrow to go out monday:
    Jim Bunning (Not ST but baseball...)
    Joe Nathan
    Edwin Jackson
    Drew Stubbs
    Jameson Taillon
    Daniel Descalso

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