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Thread: 2011 Hockey fanpack success

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    ECHL Florida Everblades (2) 2011-12 schedules

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    Just got in an Anaheim Ducks pack. From a request I sent at the end of last season. They must have finally decided to honor it. Maybe they didn't have anything at that time and held it til this year?
    Got a 11-12 Pocket schedule and a sticker or window cling. Not sure which.
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    AHL Grand Rapids Griffins (3) 2011-12 schedules

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    ECHL Greenville Road Warriors (5) 2011-12 schedules

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    Minnesota Wild - 3 pocket schedules
    New Jersey Devils - 1 pocket schedule, 1 stickers, 2010-11 team photo
    Buffalo Sabres - 2 pocket schedules, 1 magnet

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    Anaheim Ducks - Letter sticker Schedule

    was last season request im amazed they kept it that long was even sent to my old place that how long ago i emailed them lol

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    AHL Chicago Wolves (3) 2011-12 schedules

    AHL Albany Devils (2) 2011-12 schedules

    ECHL Cincinnati Cyclones (3) 2011-12 schedules

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    NHL Anaheim Ducks 2011-12 schedule, decal

    ECHL Las Vegas Wranglers (4) 2011-12 schedules

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    New Jersey Devils 2011-12 schedule, sticker, photo of the 2010-11 team

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    Red Wings:
    1 fridge magnet
    1 sticker
    1 temp tatoo
    1 Detroit Red Wings themed stick it note pad

    Jackets (I live in Ohio and was depressed with this one!)
    2 schedules
    1 Fedor Tyutin card
    2 stickers
    A letter directing me to their website for ticket and merchandise purchases? Did they not realize I sent them the request for a fanpack from their website? WOW!

    3 temp tatoos
    1 sharks fridge magnet
    1 sharks sticker
    1 sharks schedule
    4 player photos.......
    Joe Thornton
    Patrick Marleau
    Dan Boyle
    Logan Couture

    I would say that the Sharks sent the best fanpack of the day for me. I only hope that they get better than these!
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