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    2011 American Football NFL AFL NCAA IFL

    Here is the success thread for Football fanpacks! Do not forget that you mat also track them in the TTM Database. Best of luck on your requests and here is a link to the old threads:
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    Go Mets, Colts, Reds and The Ohio State University
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    Buffalo Bills fanpack received this weekend:

    1 "Play 60" Bills Towel
    1 Buffalo Bills Team Photo
    1 Steve Johson 8x10 with a (I assume) fake signature
    2 Bills Logo Stickers

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    Buffalo Bills : folder, 2010 team photo, tattoos

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    Kansas City Chiefs stickers, bookmark, poster of the 2010 team, 1 card (Dwayne Bowe)
    Check out what fan packs I have received on my blog

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    Green Bay Packers: Schedule, Poster form local paper, squad list, beeded lanyard, tattoos, sticker sheet, 3 Cards, letter, wristband
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    Philadelphia Eagles:

    2010 Team Photo, Two Papers asking to sign up for kids club membership, pencil, three bumper stickers, and the coolest: 1960 Championship Anniversary Game rally towel from September 12, 2010 against the Packers.

    The envelope was in my mailbox open, and the shipping said $1.56, so I don't know if anything fell out or something, but really cool and thanks Philly.

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    Houston Texans:

    (1) 9x12 Mario Williams picture with pre-print signature
    (1) Pack of inflatable noise makers
    (1) Texans sticker

    I heard some people say Texans don't send out fan pack's. I guess it may depend on location.

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    Philadelphia Eagles bookmark, pencil, 2009 team photo, 1 card (The Mascot Swoop)
    Check out what fan packs I have received on my blog

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    Buffalo Bills:
    8x10 team photo, 2 tattoos, 2011 magnet schedule, 2010 schedule card
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    Collecting: Brook Lopez & Cat Osterman

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