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    Detroit Lions: Helmet keychain, pencil, pocket schedule, stickers, and a thank you letter

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    Got a quick response from the Bills and Jags and an email from the Seahawks saying they are not doing fanpacks anymore this season.

    The Jags sent me a slew of stickers and tatoos, a gameday program, a couple of posters of their cheerleaders, some cards, and some pocket schedules, a magnetic schedule. There might be one or two more trinkets in there that I can't remember.

    the Bills sent me an 8x10 of C.J. Spiller, a team photo, some pocket schedules, program, and a letter. Very nice fanpacks.
    I collect NY Yankees, NY Giants, NY Rangers, NY Knicks, and NJ Nets. I am willing to trade. PM me if you have any cards signed by players from these teams.

    Working on collecting all living New York Giants (football) and New York Yankees. The question is which team drives me nuts first!!!

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    Philadelphia - pencil, tattoos, pocket schedules, pin, nfl pocket schedule
    Tampa Bay - pencil, tattoos, sticker, pocket schedules, photo of the coaches, nfl pocket schedule

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    Baltimore Ravens- Thank you letter, car decal, and temp. tattoo

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    opened new seasom success thread
    Hidden Content ~ best SCF feature ever!
    Go Mets, Colts, Reds and The Ohio State University
    Hidden Content

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