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    im new here and im lookin for urlacher cards

    im lookin for any urlacher cards. im willing to trade

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    I dont have many Urlacher's but these...
    NFL Players Club Urlacher (2)
    02 Topps Urlacher
    02 Gridiron Kings Urlacher

    is there any other player/team you're looking for besides Urlacher?

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    Welcome aboard... I have some urlacher cards and inserts. Please put down what you are willing to trade and i will try my best to get my list up soon


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    no billsfan but thanx for the offer

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    allstar i have shockey rc and prior rc and a few indians rc

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    waht bills rc u have or bills cards im intersted in trading for those... sorry i didnt mention before

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    the shockey is 2002 topps , the prior is a ud rc and i have alt of zitos but it would take the rigth trade for me to part with them

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