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    I haven't watched good ol 'Wrasslin' since the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin driving a beer truck into the ring, I'm curious to see what the WWE is like nowadays, are Smackdown and Raw still the main wrestling shows on TV? Also when and what cable network are they on?

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    Can't believe know one has posted in this thread for a few weeks now. Thought I would bump this up since it shouldn't ever reach the third page.
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    I really think its time to take the Title off Punk. He's just gotten so boring and stale. Hopefully Rock gets it at The Rumble, because I cant see them putting it on Ryback.

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    I'd rather c punk with it then the rock the rock does all his appearances for money he don't care bout the wwe or the fans its all about the money for him
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    I just think you've gone about as far as you can go with the Punk reign at this point. Shake things up a little at the top and try something different.

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    I've enjoyed this reign of Punk, anything is better than Cena, Orton etc. With that said, WWE needs to be careful what they do with Ryback after this month. They have the chance to make him their next big star.
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    Will CM Punk be able to defend his title at TLC due to have emergency surgery to remove a piece of torn meniscus from his knee? Since I haven't watched Raw yet is this real or just an elaborate story line from WWE?
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    he seemed fine on raw unless somethng happened when Ryback destroyed him prob just another storyline if anything just for him to keep the title to face the rock
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    Saw this on facebook just a few minutes ago. Looks like CM Punk will not be defending his WWE Championship against Ryback at TLC. Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns vs Team Hell No (Kane/Daniel Bryan)/Ryback in a TLC Match was announced as the replacement.

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    this is a huge difference if how things are done

    MOST times the champion gives up the title when injured
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