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    In the last couple years the WWE has lost a whole bunch of main event talent with the retirements of Shawn Michaels, Edge the severely limited schedules of The Undertaker and HHH.I think its safe to say the WWE is lacking big name talent at the moment and have been for a couple years. That is why they have to use the same 2 or 3 guys in everything, what they really could use is a couple "new" main event stars that aren't Cena or Orton, unfortunately no one seems to be able to break through and step up to the next level. There are a few wrestlers who are very enjoyable to watch but still no huge breakout superstars like Stone Cold, Rock, Hogan or Savage. With that being the case they have to rely on the older established huge stars such as Rock and Lesner for buy rates on the biggest shows. It will never make everyone happy but in time there will be more main eventers and who knows maybe in 10 years people will say its not like the gold old days of Cena going against the Rock.

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    all I know is, I hadnt watched WWE in 6 months and I had the whole thing figured out 5 minutes into the rumble- Cena/Rock 2 at mania
    The most boring top of the roster current superstar against the most boring top of the roster superstar from 10 years ago

    Hate to say it Dan but Cena and the Rock are the same person, just 10 years apart- they both no sell, they both win the same way, they both use the exact same catch phrases...diliking one and liking the other is kinda funny- you hate Cena, but love the Rock- they use the same things to get the fans going- the only difference is, Cena doesnt get the adult male fans excited like the Rock does...

    back to not watching again for 6 months- Im sure Brock will interfere somewhere in the next couple months, and Im sure they will try and do something with Taker, even though there is no one left to make a decent match with him...
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    I disagree, Rock is far more charismatic, and entertaining than Cena, and it's compounded by the fact Cena hasn't changed anything in 7 years.

    I don't need someone to be the best wrestler, I just want to be entertained. Punk vs Rock did that, Cena vs Rock doesn't, because Cena will once again no-sell the feud.
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    Thoughts on the Rumble (last year's was so bad, they couldn't go anywhere but up...but then the Crock had to win the damn belt...)

    - You know I marked out when Bret hit the screen and then the feeling of jealousy & envy overcame me as I saw that lucky SOB, Ricardo Rodriguez get Bret's pink sunglasses... I'M STILL PISSED.

    -Did anyone else see the huge bruise on ADRs right hip towards the end of his match? Gaht dayum! And that bump he took on the table, he fell head first. It also looked like Show legit hurt his arm. Decent opening match..

    - So the next match was the Tag Team Titles match and Dustin came up between my bro & I. And how Goldust wants a Mania match against his younger brother, Cody. (Hey, maybe we'll get this? I can only hope. Brother Vs. Brother match at 29 and how about papa Dusty doing commentary for the match? Nothing better than sibling rivalry (Bret/Owen had a superb feud)

    - I was kind of bummed the Rumble match wasn't the finale match but oh well. Jericho was the #2 entrant. HMMM, did Vickie rehire him just for the Rumble or is Y2J back for good? He got a damn loud pop. Crowd broke out a, "you still got it, you still got it" as Jericho has Ziggs on the top rope, ready for a superplex, the camera catches his, "I NEVER LOST IT, BABEH!!!!!" LOL

    - An NXT rookie apparently made his in-ring debut, named Bo Dallas. He lasted awhile and he even managed to eliminate the IC Champ, Wade Barrett. Looks like the rook has his first feud set up already. I just hope he doesn't win the damn IC Title in his first singles match..

    - The Godfather (YES, with 2 of his Ho's) was a Rumble entrant. And he got eliminated by Ziggs right after he got into the ring. But hey, they didn't have to stop playing his music, it was that fast. He came in style and he left in style, lol.

    - Goldust was a surprise entrant too. Got a good pop. He & Cody immediately went at each other, crowd was into it. I really hope Dustin gets his Mania match with his younger brother. And I hope Cody wins and after Dustin gives a emotional speech. Basically how he's retiring for good and how he tells Cody that he has the talent to do what he couldn't do but their father did, win the big one. LoL, yeah all that mushy stuff...

    - BTW, in a Ziggler interview before the Rumble match he actually brought up unifying the WWE & WHC titles at WrestleMania, very damn interesting. It'd be nice if there was just 1 world title again. And also if they'd combine the damn rosters again, the way it used to be..

    - This Rumble match was pretty good. Although it felt the wrestler's were coming out way, way fast. Didn't it used to be 2 minutes between guys? A minute and a half feels so short. I was quite pleased with the Rumble match though.

    - I don't wish to speak of the atrocity which was the WWE Championship match. It's obviously way, way more about selling material things than it is about wrestling anymore. I felt like they crapped all over Punk's 6th longest reign as "the man"...just for The Crock.... Just ain't right.. I wonder how Punk feels about the finish? He didn't even lose to The Rock Bottom, the damn People's Elbow is what it took to beat Punk? Cmon, E.. Which reminds me, Rock attempted to Rock Bottom Punk through the Spanish Announcer's table but it gave way, that was horrible. So then Rock decided to Rock Bottom Punk on the floor, lol.

    RAW will be interesting tonight..

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    If one were to remove The Rock from the WWE roster, regardless of his capacity, CM Punk would be the only truly entertaining performer both in the ring, and on the microphone. If the WWE were to place anyone else against CM Punk for the title belt the result would be an extremely lopsided match. There are many other wrestlers that I enjoy both in the ring, and on the microphone, but they simply do not measure up. IMO...

    When he is active I like the role given to Brock Lesnar, but I can not get past the pitch in his voice. Listening to Brock Lesnar reminds me of listening to Mike Tyson. Would I tell them... NO!!

    -Robert Lewis

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    Randy Orton vs. Antonia Cesaro not entirely predictable. The Miz as the guest referee predictable. The Miz interfering predictable. I was watching, waiting, and knowing. Come on WWE surprise me.

    Really? Is there anybody who did not think that Wade Barrett would choose Bo Dallas. Granted, I thought that Bo Dallas would put up a good fight before loosing, but still predictable.

    -Robert Lewis
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    Bo Dallas for the win. They should be pushing Wade Barrett instead of having him lose to a rookie.

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    The 3 Moves of Doom Wins it again! LOL I meant Cena wins again..... sorry for the confusion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greengoblin782 View Post
    Bo Dallas for the win. They should be pushing Wade Barrett instead of having him lose to a rookie.
    Agreed... With my bias in favor of CM Punk, I consider Wade Barrett to be the best in ring/on mic performing heel in the WWE. A heel that looses to a rookie like Bo Dallas just is not a good heel, but Wade Barrett is a great heel.

    Watching John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes makes me think of two things. First, I really enjoyed the long forgotten feud between Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton. I have not enjoyed Cody Rhodes or Randy Orton near as much since. Second, I just realized why Zack Ryder can not find a spot on the WWE roster. John Cena already fills that role.

    -Robert Lewis
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    Once again a stail PPV.We all know The Rock has won the belt and he will lose it to Cena at Wrestlemania.evrytime we get a glimpse at something fresh it goes south.No story line builders anymore.The Shield angle is dumb it was better WHEN IT WAS THE NEXUS.WWE is signing independent talent left and right in hopes of finding the next Rock,HHH,Undertaker but they forget hpw Vince Russo built alot of those story lines.You rnot getting that with Dusty Rhodes and Tony Garea.I saw the PPv for free at a sports bar thank goodness I did not pay for it
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