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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeppelin1985 View Post
    I just remember Paige looking all starry eyed and she said something kinda strange and it was a lil weird moment. I wonder if Austin followed up on her after the show lol
    Wouldn't be shocked if he did. I know the company tries to play itself off as some PG company that's all PC and squeaky clean but go back and read the rumors about Vince and other wrestlers in the late 80s all the way through the attitude era. Some sick sick sick stuff went down at that company and it involved a bunch of major stars too.
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    So the Usos win the titles last set up a surprise Wrestlemania return of the Hardy's, who win the Smackdown Tag Titles?????
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    Jim Ross's wife Jan passed away from injuries suffered in an accident over the weekend. Praying for Good Ol' JR and his family!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    I'm surprised that Sable isn't in either so I'm guessing she has a beef with the company or they have one with her. Chyna isn't going in after all the stuff she did and HHH taking over the company in the future will pretty much end any chance of that happening. She should be in based on what she did in the ring but the "other issues" are going to keep her out.
    Ultimately, Sable will get in (being Mrs. Brock Lesnar has something to do with that). The very definition of diva in terms of attitude, IMPO. Also, I think Molly & Elizabeth will eventually get in. Savage is in now, so Elizabeth can't be too far behind.

    Since they used up their quota for posthumous entries (Rude) this year, maybe Ivan Koloff gets in next year?
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