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    Just busted a couple boxes of 2010 MAGIC. Going for base set. Help me=Help you!

    Can't say I'm thrilled with these breaks! But what can you do?
    Hits were:
    Mathias Kiwanuka (Giants)
    Brian Cushing (Texans)
    Malcolm Jenkins (Saints)
    Keith Rivers (Bengals)
    James Hardy (Bills)
    James Starks (Packers) NFT
    Elvis Dumervil #d/25
    #d Mini
    Aaron Curry #d/50

    I'm looking to put together a base set and my needs are here:

    I'm not going for any of the inserts, so just hit me up with what you need and I will see if I have it. Thanks!

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    I have these base for ya...

    2, 32, 46, 72, 113, 129, 163, 174

    I'd be looking for a couple #'d cards in return. Lmk, thanks!

    Edit- I think I have these from 2009 Topps Chicle for you too...

    52 (Witten?), 59 (Hester?)
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    PM sent... I prefer to trade away set needs/base or RC/inserts for my set needs unless you have top RCs or a bunch of my needs.

    Anyone else?

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    I have these Magic
    2 12 14 32 46 55 59 72 113 119 132 147 163 164 172 174

    2010 Topps Chrome
    #C28, C201

    I am working on the Master Magic set and still need these:
    5,21,25,30,35,42,45,49,58,65,66,69,70,76,78,84,85, 86,89,103,130,138,140,145,148,187,194,196,223,242

    Magic Moments

    Historys Best

    Rookie Stars

    Most autos.

    (Posted this on your other thread too. Sorry)
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    Hidden Content
    Looking for San Diego Chargers cards & Autos of USC players in their USC uniform. *See my page for other wants.*
    With my current work schedule I can only guarantee to mail out on Saturdays!!

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