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Thread: i need a quick price check

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    i need a quick price check

    02-03 be a player ultimate stick/jersey marian hossa

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    Do you want to do the Hemsky for Bouwmeester? Please let me know ASAP:hop:

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    sorry the hemsky is worth $80 and the bouwmeester you said is $ i may have the bouwmeester wrapped up in another deal. sorry for not responding sooner. do i have anything else on my list?

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    anyone who has a beckett look up:

    02-03 bap ultimate jersey/stick /50 of marian hossa and marian gaborik...let me know asap if you find this out

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    Where did you get the value? In Beckett Issue August 2003Vol.14 number 8, issue 153. It says $40-$100. The Bouwmeester says the same thing. Maybe the new Beckett came out? If the Hemsky did go down then I have a 2003 Sig. Series Gaborik possibly to trade.

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    Last I checked they dont price the BAP Ultimate stuff since its all really short printed.

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