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    Going to my first CardShow!! Tell me what to expect!

    Im going to a cardshow for the first time so tell me what to expect!!!!

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    depends how big a show you're going to, if it's a local show, you'll find some local shops and local collectors displaying what they've got... and you'll likely be able to make some decent deals

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    its a pretty big place called the Oxmoor Center. They said 100-150 booths. is that a lot or not

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    That is actually a good sized show. You should be able to find some nice deals there, always fun to spend a few hours looking around and buying some rare stuff...

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    It all depends on what you like, and what you collect. Bring just what you can afford to spend, and no more, because temptation will strike you, I'm sure...

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    The thing that usually strikes me at card shows is good prices on boxes, but I haven't been to one in a few years so I'm not sure how much that's true now since the internet has taken over everything.

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    That is true. I primarily bought boxes at the National, plus some older ungraded vintage cards that I could see up close. Shipping makes buying boxes on the net a bit more expensive sometimes...

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    how many booth are their at the national usually?

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    I believe it was around 750 tables or something. If you see any 2003 SP Authentic Hockey for under $80.00, can you get the number and website, email ect for me?

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