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Thread: Anyone gotten Zetterberg?

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    Anyone gotten Zetterberg?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever gotten Henrik Zetterberg and thru which address. I have heard he doesn't like mail at his home address but they are sent monthly to his agent who has signed cards and stuff around that he sends out. I've seen successes from there, but I'm thinking that if I send to his agent then maybe I won't get anything back? Because the point was that Zetterberg sends mail that goes to his house to have the agent take care of returning it.
    What would happen if I go right thru the agent. I kind of want my cards signed and not swapped.
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    I got him on my card c/o his agent- it took almost 100 days.
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    I got him c/o the Detroit Red Wings toward the end of last year. I'll have to look and see how long it took. I sent directly to the Joe Louis Arena c/o Detroit Red Wings. I only sent 1 card. Hope this helps!

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    I've gotten Zetterberg TTM on two separate occasions. I've sent both requests c/o his agent. Received my trading card back signed the first time and received my 8 x 10 photo back signed the other. Forgot how long it took, but it was somewhere between 2-3 months and the requests were sent years apart.
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