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    01/02 Upper Deck Stanley Cup Champs : Wanted

    I'm looking for any of these. Anyone got? Post or PM me.
    The Commons I need are :14 Cournoyer, 34 Aebischer, 66 Leclair, 78 Brodeur & 81 Claude Lemieux

    Any of the Jersey cards(#/200), Championship Stick Cards(#/150) & Piece of Glory Cards(#/50).

    Thanks for reading my post - J

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    my friend and i bought some packs a few months ago and i will see what he has.i pulled the yzserman stick card and the stick had a sweet looking checkerboard pattern.he gave 75 for the card

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    A friend has a Mario Lemieux Pieces of Glory card that books for $400.00, lmk your best offer.

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    Phantom :
    We meet again. Hi! Thanks for posting. I need the Commons I listed in the post, and I'm looking for just about any of the Stick Cards, Jersey Cards or PIece of Glory Cards(Stick/Jersey combined) I can get ahold of. LMK what you have. Cheers - Jason

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