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Thread: WDBurke's Success Thread

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    WDBurke's Success Thread

    My son and I had our first TTM success today! Stu Cliburn on a 1986 Topps in 11 days.


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    We got our second and last pending success today! Frank Tanana on a 1986 Topps and he included the signed copy of his tract as well. Took about 3 weeks or so. Great return!

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    Another success today, Ron Gant on a 1990 Topps in 13 days. Happy to get back our first Atlanta Brave!

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    We had another success today, 2/2 from Dave Dravecky. He even personalized one of the cards to my son. Unfortunately, the cards were damaged by the post office on return. I have more cards of his, so I told my son we would try him again.

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    Yesterday was a great day for my son and I! We got back 2 returns.

    First was Zane Smith:

    Second was Bruce Benedict:
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    It has been a while since our last success, but to end the year we got back 2 5x7s from Jodi Benson from The Little Mermaid. My 8 year old had written the letter and we received back both photos signed in blue sharpie and personalized to each of my daughters. They were absolutely thrilled! They both LOVE The Little Mermaid so they were so excited to get an autograph from the voice of Ariel.

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    This was an IP, but my son and I went to a University of Memphis Tiger basketball game recently, and he was able to get several of the Tigers' autographs on his program, including star freshman Dedric Lawson, and assistant coach and former NBA Rookie of the Year Damon Stoudamire (inside the program, not pictured).

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    It's been a while since we sent anything TTM, but we sent 3 out a little over a week ago, and got our first success of the 3 back. Vance Law signed 5 cards and we received them in 10 days.

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    Nice returns it is good to get your son involved. I am hoping my 2 boys get it on the act.
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    It has been a long time, but my son and I got a long awaited return today. Mike Schmidt on a 1986 Topps, this is our first Hall of Famer! It will be a nice surprise when my son gets home from his grandmother's house.

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