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    10/3 - 5 returns

    Bart Starr - also signed by jerry kramer, fuzzy thurston, and bob skoronksi. sent 8x10 + $20 on 9/26 and recieved signed on 10/3

    Bob Schnelker - 2x pro bowl tight end/end with the giants, sent 8x10 on 9/19 and recieved signed on 10/3

    Jim Youel - played QB for the boston yanks and washington redskins (1946-48). sent 8x10 on 7/18 and recieved signed on 10/3

    Micky Ward - "The Fighter", former light welterweight champ. sent 8x10 on 9/19 and recieved signed on 10/3

    Julie Newmar - played catwoman on the batman tv series, bought from her website

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    That Green Bay photo looks AWESOME. Good stuff.

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    the Bart Starr success is amazing in itself, whats more amazing is he didnt personalize it. Dont see that often. Great success..

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    That Green Bay pic is awesome, what are the chances of getting Forrest Gregg? I heard he is pretty tough to get, or very $$$. Regardless it is an awesome piece.

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    Love the Ward. Gonna send to him this week. He lives like an hour away so i think it will be quick.

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    Awesome on the Starr but gotta love the Newmar--MEEEEOW!!

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    thanks for the comments. i think gregg charges $40-50 per signature. i'm thinking about it

    10/6 - 3 returns

    Kent Kramer - former vikings, saints tight end. sent 2 8x10's on 9/26 and recieved both signed on 10/6

    Frank Ramsey - sent 2 8x10's on 9/29 and recieved both signed on 10/6

    Tom Brewer - pitcher (1954-1961) sent 2 8x10's on 9/26 and recieved both signed on 10/6

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    The Fenway picture is really staring to look nice

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    10/7 - 1 return

    Martin Landau - legendary actor, nominated for 3 academy awards, winning one in 1994, notable films; Ed Wood, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, Crimes and Misdemeanors. also was on the mission impossible tv series, which he earned 3 emmy nominations for. sent 8x10 on 8/22 and recieved signed on 10/7. he also sent a signed sketch

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