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Thread: JASZ 2015/16 NBA graphing Log

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    JASZ 2015/16 NBA graphing Log

    Well the NBA Season is upon us again. I'll be posting all things IP in this thread.

    I skipped the first game versus the international team and heard no one signed inside for the Thunder...expected that and thats why I didnt go.
    The Mavs didn't arrive and stay at hotel so I skipped them as well since I didn't have a ticket.

    So the first preseaon graphing I have done is the Nuggets


    Had to be selective and I left my Mudiay stuff at home. My son was with me so every thing in black is what he got

    Faried 1/2, 2/2
    Chandler 1/2
    Hickson 1/4
    Nelson 1/2, 1/2
    Foye 2/3, son missed him
    Pickney 1/4, 1/2
    Dee Brown didnt hear me
    Mudiay stopped and talked
    Mike Miller signed
    Missed Galinari as Faried was behind him
    Never saw Scott Hastings
    Let Harris and Green walk by as I chose to stop Johnson

    Hotel before game-had son and we did really good as we were only two there
    FARIED 2/4, 2/2
    GREEN 1/1
    GALINARI 1/1
    DEE BROWN 3/3, 2/2
    PINCKNEY 1/2, 1/2
    NELSON 2/4, 4/4
    FOYE 2/2
    ARTHUR 1/1
    CHANDLER 1/2, 1/2
    MILLER 1/2, 1/2
    MUDIAY 1/1, 2/2---just a super nice kid and fun to talk too.

    Cards: 38
    Photos: 3

    Next up: Spurs

    Mudiay action.jpg
    MUDIAY PHOTO for your viewing pleasure

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    Nice start to season will keep watching this post thanks for sharing

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    Thanks, looking forward to another fun season!

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    sweet nuggets stuff. as a nuggets fan, im a little jealous lol
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    10/27-28 San Antonio Spurs

    Aldridge, Parker, Duncan, West all denied
    Pop said he would get us tomorrow
    all 1-per
    Kyle Anderson, Boban, McCallum, Ginobli
    Sean Elliott 2/3

    Ginobli 1/3
    Parker 1/1
    Anderson 1/3
    Diaw 4/4
    Mills 4/4
    McCallum 4/4
    Butler 1/4
    Bonner 1/4
    Hammon 1/1, she ain't easy
    Leonard and Green laughed at us again for asking
    Duncan/Popovich/West/Aldridge ignored

    Ginobli 1/3
    Udoka 1/1
    Bonner 1/3
    Butler 1/2, 1/1-help
    Popovich 1/1
    Parker/Aldridge/Leonard/Green/Hammon/Anderson ignored
    Priceless moment-called to Jon Simmons and he turned around with a deer in headlights look, but got on bus and didn't sign!

    Cards: 68
    Photos: 3

    Next up: Nuggets then Raptors

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    Quote Originally Posted by MWMP View Post
    can u 50/50
    Would not benefit you cause most players sign one per and I keeping the one that gets signed

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    11/1/15 Denver Nuggets

    Just did these guys in preseason and all the numbers are the same. Faried was still signing two cards, Hickson didn't sign this trip on arrival, shootaround or hotel. I went to game but didn't graph the game as I really cleaned up between preseason and this trip. Really only needed Wilson Chandler and Hickson cards.

    I'll post totals from all 3 times
    Darrell Arthur 8-signs multiples
    Will Barton 7 signs multiples
    Gary Harris 2-hotel
    Erick Green 3-hotel
    Danilo Gallinari 12, signes multiples
    Kenneth Faried 5, signed 2 per all trip
    Randy Foye 1, denied on arrival and hotel
    Mike Miller 2, 1 per but good signer
    Emmanuel Mudiay 3, seems to sign 2 every time I tried him
    Jameer Nelson 3, all done at hotel was late for shootaround and missed him on arrival
    Wilson Chandler 2, he is 1 per when he stops
    Scott Hastings 2
    Ed Pinckney 1, he is 1 per but good signer

    Cards: 117
    Photos: 5

    Next up: Raptors then Suns
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    11/4 Raptors

    missed arrival but heard Demarre signed
    Carroll, Patterson, Lowry, Magloire all denied
    Byumbo, Cabolo, Derozan, Johnson, Nogueria, Ross, Valancuis and Wright signed multiples
    Bennett, Joseph, Scola and Stackhouse signed 1 per

    **also talked to Delon about his brother who is playing in China. He told me Dorrell will be back playing in US in February. Super nice kid and a please to talk to.

    Cards: 147
    Photos: 5

    Next up: Suns then 76ers

    ***side note after Phoenix all the numbers will crash but always nice to get 3 of the best signing teams in the first month. Love the Jazz, Raptors, Nuggets, Grizzlies and Suns!

    15-16 Raptors1.jpg15-16 Raptors2.jpg
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    You are killing it. I'll be following your thread.

    Thanks for posting pics too. Love it.
    - Andy

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