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    I've given up on trying to understand the pricing of cards for sale...

    This is not just limited to this site but all card selling websites. I do not mean any offense to anyone because I love being part of this community and I've met some great people on here. However, I just can't seem to understand the pricing of cards. I've been out of the hobby for 20 years and recently made a return. I had been buying singles off EBay and cards off of here by posters. As my collection has grown, I decided I want to go after guys I think are going to someday be HoFers. This led to a headache. I realize I can't afford some Larry Fitzgerald auto rookie cards so I looked at rising young stars like Demaryius Thomas of the Broncos. His auto rc's look like they are more expensive than Brandon Marshall's auto rcs! I love baseball so I flip flop between the two. I like Trout obviously and Harper is a great talent. I look and their cards are hundreds of dollars while current hall of famers are affordable. Does anyone know how pricing is determined?? Is it just the hot player at the right time?? Not to rain on my parade, but I like Clayton Kershaw. He is a good standup guy and does a lot of charity work that I look up to. Not only that, but he won the triple crown Cy Young award a few years ago and won 20 games. I would think he has established himself as elite. however, I can't buy a Billy Hamilton auto card because the prices are just off the wall and the guy hasn't played in the Show yet. Why can I get a Kershaw auto for under $20 but a Billy Hamilton, Red prospect, card go for $50 at the least??

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    I think it's all about the hype on the big guys, but I do understand your frustration. I too don't understand why a Kershaw auto is $20 and a minor leaguer's auto is twice as much when he hasn't proven himself. I personally think it's just the generally hype of the player. Everyone wanting to get their cards before they get called up and hoping they do good.

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    Prices are dictated by what people will pay for the item. Most of the new stuff is "super high" in relation to older cards because of people who speculate or prospect the player. They hype up the cards to sucker in buyers and then sell out before the cards tank. If people stopped paying the prices then they would drop.
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