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Thread: Question about boxes...

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    Question about boxes...

    I have two questions. My brothers b-day is coming up, out of these two boxes, which ones have you guys had the most luck with and/or have the most value in memorabilia cards:
    2002 Sig. Series
    2003 Top Shelf

    My second question is concerning 2003 Foundations, what are the chances of autos and memorabilia per box? I read somewhere 2 a box and would like to confirm that.

    Also, any other suggestions on boxes for the best value in autos and memorabilia?

  2. Kronozio
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    i just recently got a top shelf box, and i was VERY please. 1st of all, the base cards book VERY well. the mario lemieux is a BV $10!! yzerman and roy $8 a bunch more are up in that range too. also, the rookies book AT LEAST $10, but MANY of them higher. the rick nash book $150 i think. i got a majesky RC BV$10 and a bouwmeester RC BV $15. not bad in my eyes. i also got a mike comrie auto, which is the bottom of the autographs they have, which booked for $15, and i got an eddie belfour jersey 2 color BV $45. hope this helps!

    P.S. the day before, i bought 1 pak of Top Shelf, and i got a dual jersey Modano/Arnott card. VERY nice card, booked for $40.

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    Top Shelf is really nice, I picked up a half box and pulled a Tommy Salo auto, no big deal, but I also pulled a rookie redemption /500 and got back Pierre-Marc Bouchard, which books at $80! Sig. Series is kinda fun since you get a bunch of autos, but too often, they're not very good ones...


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    Ok, thanks. Thats why I asked the question, I bought a half case of 2002 Sig. Series last year and my top auto bokked at $100 or so. How many RC redemptions do you get a box?

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    I think you only get one, maybe two. They have two variations, some number to 1500, and others number to 500.

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    Ok, well now I need to choose between 2003 Top Shelf and 2002 BAP Update.

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    you get 1 auto, 1 GU, and 2 rookie redemptions per top shelf box. still, go with top shelf. the base cards book MUCH higher than BAP.

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    Even though they book for that high, will I actually get that when trading or selling?

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    Well, what I usually do when I open boxes anyway, I just throw them in a box and take out all the "good" cards. So that doesnt have too much weight in my decision.

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