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Thread: Did superstars sign?

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    I have only been TTM'ing for about 5 years but I know that a friend of my mine received many baseball hall of famers TTM in the 70's and 80's. Satchel Paige is one of those, which is pretty cool.

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    I first did TTM with my father about...geez...19, 20 years ago. I just got back into it within the last year or so.

    Back then though we got guys who were current stars of the time, like Steve Garvey...John Kruk...Dwight Gooden...Ron Guidry.

    We had also gotten HOF'rs like Brooks Robinson, Enos Slaughter, and Warren Spahn. Of those dearly departed we got back Phil Rizzuto, Luke Appling, and Robin Roberts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Headshot View Post
    Back in the 80's I was fortunate to get a lot of HOF guys TTM. Mays, Aaron, Musial, Berra, DiMaggio, Mize, Slaughter, Kiner, Ford, Paige, Cronin, Cool Papa Bell, Roberts, Kaline, Mathews, Boudreau, Koufax, Drysdale, Averill, Gehringer, Dickey, Durocher, Feller, Greenberg, Grimes, Catfish Hunter, Kell, Killebrew, Lyons, Newhouser, Reese, Brooks Robinson, Schoendienst, Spahn, Snider, Wynn.

    As well as guys like Maris signed TTM.

    And future HOFers like Ryan, Stargell, Reggie Jackson, Gaylord Perry and Johnny Bench were good TTM.

    A few guys back then would stamp: Ted Williams, Roy Campenella and even Joe Cronin. I still have them.

    That was before the hobby exploded. We would use the Pink covered "Sport Americana" Eckes/Smalling address book back then.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing collection! That was what I was looking for! WOW! I really wish I was sending TTM back then. I still like Smallings books, but he only cuts one every two years!
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    I was able to get Mike Schmidt and Don Mattingly in the late 80's.
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    Not only past stars, but who are current stars who were good TTM and now stopped?

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    When I was donig TTM years ago I was able to get Hunter, Sphan, Slaughter, McCovey, Rose, and many others.

    I got out of TTM though and started doing some IP stuff, but I lived so far away from any professional sports teams I only had a few opportunities. But when I was in high school I worked a few weeks in January at a hunting lodge and guided pro athletes and actors and such hunting at the Buck Masters Classic. I got to spend alot of time with some great athletes. Will Clark, Bo Jackson, Mark McGwire, Cal Ripken Jr, Wade Boggs, David Justice, John Smoltz, ect. There were also lots of football players and wrestlers that I dont recall. My favorite was Jim Varney though. He was always fun to be around. Unfortunately, that was when I was much younger and I cannot find any of that stuff now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisR View Post
    Not only past stars, but who are current stars who were good TTM and now stopped?
    Brees, Aaron Rodgers (I'm assuming he's probably done), believe it or not there was a point in time where TO would be reliable for a couple weeks. Haven't seen one in a long time from him though.

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