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    My first TTM ever was from Roger Craig of the 49ers on an 89 Pro Set card so that makes it.....12 years

    Not always been a steady stream flowing out or anything, but have sent several requests out over the years.

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    My first was in 1991 but I stopped about 3 months later (work & family!). I started back up in Aug. 2007 and can't quit now - it's like a decease!!!

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    1979-1985 took a break: college, girls, marriage, kids, then started back up in 2006.

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    Started in 1994, went strong through 1997, then tailed off, picked it up again a little in 2002-03, then off again until last January. Don't see myself slowing down again anytime soon.
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    Always looking for cards/memorabilia to trade from:
    Scott Spiezio, Kelly Dransfeldt, Billy Petrick, Zack Petrick,
    Jacob Goebbert, Jeff Query, & Dez Clark... Chicago Cubs, Bears, & Blackhawks

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