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    Article: Yankees Being Fined for Signing Autographs at ST

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    As if I needed more reason to hate the Yankees, or hate the Steinbrenners. This further cements my stance that although I will be living 10 minutes from the Yanks facility in 2 weeks when I go down on vacation, I won't go near it.

    that's in reference to this quote:

    "This year, fans are getting shunned more often. “Never in the seven years coming have I seen the Yankees this stingy and didn’t think I’d have trouble,” long-time Yankee fan Christina tweeted. “[Eric] Chavez got in trouble for signing autographs for the fans. Hank [Steinbrenner] has told players they will be fined for signing. He wants the team more serious. Tony Pena yelled at him [Chavez] in front of fans saying no more or fines.” "
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    Quote Originally Posted by LakersMC View Post

    Wow. What a joke.

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    Lame. Fans pay the bills, sure if a player signed auto's all day rather than training that is one thing but signing a few for the superfans out to see them and getting fined for it. Really lame...

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    has the hobby really gone this far? its all about the $ these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by uvacav4life View Post
    has the hobby really gone this far? its all about the $ these days
    It's always about the money. Why do you think the NFL is in a potential lock out? It's the $9 Billion they can't decide how to split - $9 Billion!!!!

    I heard a rumor the other day that the MLB Players Union has started advising players not to sign any pictures that didn't have the MLB sticker. They are supposed to be enforcing this more next year. If they do, this means people that do customs (like me), are SOL...

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    What a damn JOKE, I wouldn't doubt Steiner has something to do with this. Steiner probably worked out something with the Steinbrenners. Its all about money, it has nothing to do with the team being more serious. As if the Yankees don't make enough money.
    About 6 years ago I went to see the D-Backs in Phoenix and before each game 4 players would sign on the field at various locations. I heard from a few people that Stiener wanted the D-Backs to stop this pregame Auto session. Its all about $$$$$, nothing else. Does anyone know if the D-backs still do the pregame thing?
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    I believe that the first comment after the blog hot this on the nose! It is unsubstantiated and just something a blogger had posted. Unless we know those fines are being handed out I would have a real problem in thinking any team would fine players for giving fans a positive experience! The fans pay the bills!
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