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    Ha the fines probably would go towards paying the Yankees huge luxury tax if this is in fact true.
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    I believe it! Steiner is in tight with The Boss's kids. With him gone, I can easily believe they will impliment fines. What a sad day when something like this happens.

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    just another reason to dislike those guys...however that comes as no surprise.

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    wow! this is totally lame. Like, seriously? Players not signing autos, because they have a contract with an autograph company??= super lame. Autographs are meant for the fans to feel more close to the players. If they don't sign because they have a contract, first of all, fans won't feel as connected because players are signing for money, and because players aren't even allowed to get up close to the fans!

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    there arent any creditable sources to say this is true
    It sounds like a bunch of fans are mad that they didn't get any autographs
    Honestly its sounds really made up

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