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    boy do i hate beckett, so many of my cards went down

    did any1 else have this problem?

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    you and me are very much alike......but i dont want to say anything bad yet about beckett sinec I may apply for a job with I will not tell anyone due to the fact I want NO competition

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    Damn, I had some cards take a hit. Ah well, happens every year. I'm glad the price guide didn't come out before the National, I would have been worse off!

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    I applied to be a photo touch-up guy with Upper Deck 2 years ago. Fascists never called me back.

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    a price guide analyst, even though i said i wasnt going to tell you guys.

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    that would be cool having a Beckett employee on the boards good luck in your pursuit of this cool job....

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    Thanks, now I want to be one even more! I just noticed a Kovalchuk jersey went from a hundred dollars to thirty! I am so mad.
    Heads Up:If I get the job, get your most expensive cards ready! I'll have a pretty valuable just playin. I wonder how many of those analysts actually do that?
    I mean do you really think Bure jersey is worth more than a Kovy?
    Maybe I am not thinking right?...

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