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    ebay - Thought I'd seen it all until

    I guess if you're to cheap to pay for listing upgrades like "Bold" or "Border" and since there are already 10,000 1/1's, this could be the next way to attract specific buyers.

    Since I don't have Mel Gibson's personal e-mail, I guess this link will have to do.

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    Wow, Razor 1/1 autos of Kathie Lee Gifford and Ricki Lake! lol

    I guess the seller loved collecting Jewish athletes and other famous people.
    Collecting: auto's and game used patches of Jari Kurri, Grant Fuhr, Paul Coffey and other 80's Oilers. Also looking Ed Belfour autos. For all players, it doesn't matter what team they are shown with.

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    I've definitely seached ebay before for "Topps Jewish"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuwry7 View Post
    I've definitely seached ebay before for "Topps Jewish"
    Oh, good to know, I thought I was the only one.
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    wow according to him, every thing is a 1/1 !

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    Quote Originally Posted by math34rx View Post
    wow according to him, every thing is a 1/1 !
    not just any 1/1....a JEWISH 1/1!!!! lol
    Please check my inventory before my photobucket!!! It's more up to date!!!
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    Top Want: 2012 Leaf Metal Anna Nordqvist Award Winners Prism Gold 1/1

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    Quote Originally Posted by comfortably9numb View Post
    not just any 1/1....a JEWISH 1/1!!!! lol
    I'm putting that in my sig... made my day! haha
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    not just any 1/1.... a JEWISH 1/1!!!! lol

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    that is new,
    Thanks Bart ((Remember to thank a soldier))

    ((Can't sleep clowns will eat me)

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    That is all I have to say on this matter...
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    Wow.... Just wow...
    The Cup Limited Logos (all years) of all Leaf players
    Hard Signed Autos (SPA SOTT, Ultimate Signatures, Ice Scripts, Glacial Graphs, etc)
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