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    Anybody willing to buy cards of certain teams?

    I have tons of cards of all teams, mainly rookies, inserts and commons. I am wondering if anybody would be interested any cards of certain teams. If so post here. Thx.


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    I would be interested in Cowboys bulk lots but for really goof price if you just want to get rid of them.

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    Yeah im with him. Ill take a great deal on packers cards.. If its to get rid of them


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    Do you have any Clemson Tiger players such as: Rod Gardner, Woodrow Dantzler, Keith Adams, Robert Carswell, Bryant McNeal, Nick Eason, Brian Mance, etc

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    Yuppers! I need Buffalo Bills cards, I can buy if the price is right. LMK whatcha got.

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    Same here ill take any Bills also, mainly commons im looking for especially newer ones
    PM me back

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    if you have any dallas cowboys commons..let me know.....i will buy them if you do!!!

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