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Thread: curtis joesph wha the ..

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    curtis joesph wha the ..

    I got this card in a box a long time ago and i was just wondering what part that came from on the stick?

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    wow thats a nice looking card... it must be up in value... thats prolly like a patch but with a stick

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    They did that with the baseball Bat cards for a while. It's just a peice of the stick, Then they brand it w/ the team logo. The logo is'nt on the stick until they make the card. If the # on that card is GU-27 it's 30.00

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    nope its G-CJ last time I check it wa $60.. But then y with my bondra stick from the same year it didnt have a stamp logo on it..

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    its a piece of the stick but upper deck stamps the team logo on ther

    its a nice card but i dont like how they do that since it kinda ruins the swatch

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    how come I got a bondra in the same box and it didnt have one?
    is anyone here on the beckett boards?

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    It looks like it's a cross-section of the upper part of the stick. They obviously burned it after they'd cut it in slices. IT sure is a nice card, though.

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