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    SCF Official Review: 2010/11 ITG Between The Pipes

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors at In The Game for providing us with this box.

    18 packs per box
    9 cards per pack
    Current Retail Price (online): 84.99 - 99.99

    - Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Cards 1:8 packs
    - Autograph Cards 1:8 packs
    - Non-Memorabilia Insert Cards 1:8 packs
    - Masked Men III Cards 1:8 packs CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS

    Base Cards
    A 200 Base Card set with great subsets including:
    Future Stars, Immortals, Stars of the Game, Greats of the Game, Women of the Nets and One Game Wonders.

    Inserts (1:8 PACKS)
    There are 6 different Non-Memorabilia Insert sets to collect including 100 Years of Card Collecting, Deep In The Crease, Guarding the Bleu Blanc et Rouge Net, Guarding the Blue and White Net, Inspired Masks and Their Country's Finest.

    Masked Men III (1:8 PACKS)
    Featuring the men behind the masks!

    Authentic GoalieGraph Cards (1:8 PACKS)
    Over 130 autograph cards that are made up of 6 sets including Future Stars, Stars of the Game, Greats of the Game, Immortals, Women of the Nets and One Game Wonder.

    Game-Used Memorabilia Cards (1:8 PACKS)
    A great collection of insert sets featuring Authentic Game-Used memorabilia cards.


    Base: 137/200 (68.5%)
    Dupes: 0

    HSHS Points (15)

    100 Years Of Collecting (1)
    Deep In The Crease (1)
    Inspired Masks (1)
    Masked Men III Emerald (1) - Says 1 of 1 on back, but is an error as reported by Dr. Price. There are 340 of each Emerald per player
    Masked Men III Silver (1)

    Future Stars Braden Holtby Auto

    Greats Of The Game Greg Millen Auto

    Golden Goalies Gold Jonas Hiller 2-color Patch (1 of 10)

    Ready, Willing And Able Gold Alex Auld 3-color Patch/Carey Price 2-color Patch (1 of 10)


    Base - 4/5
    Design - 4.5/5
    Fun - 4/5
    Value - 5/5
    Rebuy - 5/5

    Total - 22.5/25 (90%)

    In The Game is once again on top of their game with Between The Pipes. If you love watching the netminders, then this is the set for you. ITG bumped up the base set this year from 150 to 200 and now include a personal favorite, Women of the Nets. While ITG is not able to showcase the players in NHL logos, they capture every player wonderful through full-color pictures (outside of the Immortals series).

    Adding to one of the best insert sets year after year, the Masked Men series, are a couple of newcomers. Deep In The Crease is an interesting setup as it brings together the present and future of each team's last line of defense. The Inspired Masks series is wonderful, mainly for the great artwork done for each card. Returning as always is the He Shoots, He Saves point cards. Acquire 200 of these and you can redeem them towards one of thirty random encapsulated memorabilia or auto (or both) cards with a print run of 20. On a side note, there is an error with the Masked Men III series. As posted here by Dr. Price, the Emerald cards state 1 of 1 on the back (which I was surprised to see in the video) but in fact have 340 of each card. As a word of warning, do not be fooled when someone tries to pass one off as a 1/1.

    While the way the odds are stated on a box can be misleading, you can expect two autographs and two relics in each box. And with ITG, you know you are going to get the possibility of some amazing pulls. Sure, they use sticker autos, but the design work of the cards makes it where the stickers do not affect the appeal of the card. And the memorabilia swatches are usually larger than other companies, especially on the single swatch cards.

    Between The Pipes is solid as ever, even with increasing the base set. This release has most collectors in mind, from individual player to hardcore set accumulators. Nowadays, there are very few releases where you can't go wrong with investing your money into multiple boxes/cases and this is one of them.

    Once again, I'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors at In The Game for giving us the opportunity to open and review this release. For more information on all their products, visit them at
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    I love ITG products, but I still can't get over the non-NHL logos and I think that stops a lot of casual hockey collectors like myself from buying the product consistently. I feel the autographs are kind of...recycled at times. I also feel like there are way too many 1/1s. I love the feeling of pulling one, but in ITG products I've seen quite a few pass me by from the same product. Otherwise, I love the wide selection of players and the great patches they throw in their products, they seem to always be multicolored which is what you want when you pull a patch as well as larger swatches which makes the cards more appealing.

    If ITG could get a license, I would be buying their products more than anything else in hockey.

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    Thanks for posting the break/review! Seriously considering grabbing a box, still on the fence though...

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    nice break....would love any of those cards....Holtby auto is nice, but that Price and Auld is ridiculous.......thanks.

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    That's a great box and review. BTP is LOADED this year!
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    Very, Very Nice! two very nice patches on a couple of cards /10.

    Only thing keeping me from buying this stuff now..... is that I'm waiting for the expo!
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    Really nice break (Auld/Price one is suhweet)...wish I had seen this thread before heading to Leaside Gardens a few weeks back...

    Ah well...maybe Kitchener or Cambridge

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