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    Which is better, pack for pack?

    2003 Bowman Young Stars or 2003 Titanium? better all around, pack for pack. which one should i buy. i am going to buy 1, and only ONE pack. which one?

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    Id go with Titanium, the rookies in bowman are cheap the highest is zetterberg and thats $15

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    I like Bowman, mostly because I can get it cheap from the store I shop at here and I've pulled a handful of jersey cards (1:6 packs is supposed to have a Fabric of the Future jersey card). The rookies are fairly cheap BV-wise, but the commons book fairly high (for commons).

    I don't know anything about Titanium, though, so I really can't compare.

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    Titantium, even though its more expensive but their rookies are great.

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    I'd go with Titanium, but personally I think that neither are very good.

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    meh, i got a calder pack and got diddly squat, like i ALWAYS do! what is ya'll secret to getting good stuff out of packs? i can NEVER get ANYTHING out of single packs!! PLEASE tell me!!! thanks!

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