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Thread: Best ebay deal

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    Best ebay deal

    What is the best deal you guys have gotten on ebay recently??

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Dunno. I got a Zetterberg BAP Ultimate BGS 9.5 for $129.99. I guess thats a pretty good deal.

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    Nice i am the high bidder for a zetterberg retail titanium rookie card for 22 cents right now!!!!

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    yea i don't really like zetterberg to much but i figured a deal like that was to good to pass up

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    Im really not a big Zett fan either but I think it might be a wise investment to get one o his cards now and once the season starts back up I could probably sell it to one of the locals for a price hike.

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    hockeyrules, how many days are left?!
    My best eBay steal ever would probably be a tie between these two. First a guy was selling a box and had a buy it now. I am almost positive it was a typo, I got a $60.00 box for $6.00! I was nice and offered to pay the full price, which is still cheaper than normal then.
    Secondly, a whole bunch of ITGU memorabilia cards that were golds. Sellres dont know what they are selling!

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    i'm not letting ya know about that auction phillyfan! lol. That is soo swet that you got a $60.00 box for $6.00 what was the box???

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    It was 2002 BAP Memorabilia, it had just come out and was selling for 80-90 bucks. It was a major mistake by the seller.

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    I am not gonna bid on the auction...just wanted to prove a point that it will go up, most likely a lot if its a good card, if it has a lot of days left ands at oly 22 cents

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