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    Brett Favre, growing up i almost never watched football games but most of the ones i remember involved favre. as i got older i also got to watch his multiple close runs at getting back to a superbowl, too bad he had to throw an interception while having the conference title won twice within a few years.

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    Me I begin to watch NCAA Football with Oklahoma Sooners and my favorite team Is Minnesota Vikings and i made the transition to NFL and what a player Adrian Peterson I love him but his injury will let him a little career is so a good player

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    Randy Moss. That dude was/is an amazing receiver. He was crazy exciting to watch. AP is one of those guys as well.

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    Tim Brown would be my all time favorite, plenty of others that are close but hes numero uno. Grew up watching him play and just love the way he played, no diva atitude, no show boating, he just went out and kicked butt.

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    chris carter...hard worker, mentor and a leader. one of the best at route running.

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    My all-time favorite is and always will be the great tyler rose.earl campbell.i watched this guy as a kid with my dad and was blown away at how he ran over guys! He was the greatest rb of all-time to me!

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    Hey Tim!! You Know Me Buddy I Am Also A Peyton Manning Fan. :winking0071: Peyton Has Done Things With The Ftball Game That NOBODY Has Ever Done. He Is A Mad Scientist On The Field With Knowing When To Check Down On Different Defenses & The Same With The Offense. He Is A Legend In His Own & Will Be 1 Of The Greatest Players Ever To Play Ftball.

    Thanks, John

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    My favorite is Gary Barbaro from the Chiefs.My uncle worked for TWA for years and he got us tickets on the 3rd row and dang near mid field at Arrowhead.I got to see Gary intercept a pass in that game.Been my favorite player ever since.

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    The Great Dayne, Ron Dayne! Though Terrell Davis and Montee Ball are close seconds!

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    My favorite player has been Troy Aikman because that was the time in my life I was able to actually watch football and then after ward have been able to collect his cards. Active player would be Jason Whitten who is just an incredible tight end. Much like Novacek before him.

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