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    WTTF 1999 Black Diamond Quadruples

    I am trying to finish my ultimate chase set, after 13 years. I am looking for anyone out there who has any 1999 Black Diamond Quadruple Diamonds. I want this set DONE!

    Just so we all know what I am looking for, these are the GREEN parallels with four diamonds, serial numbered to 150 for the veterans (1-90) and 100 for the Diamond Debuts (91-120).

    Here is my list... TWO TO GO!!! I am paying $50 for Magglio and $100 for Beltre!

    21 - Magglio Ordonez
    105 - Adrian Beltre DD /100

    Anyone still have these? PM me with any. PayPal ready!
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    still a good ways to go with the set... need about 35.

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    still looking to get this nightmare of a set done! anyone?

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    still working on the set. anyone want to help?

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    yeah... it was over $76 at last check! can you believe that?

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    Anyone have any others out there?

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    I might not have a TON to trade, but I am still sure that I can find something to make it happen! I'd love to get a little closer to finishing this monster...

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    Restarting this thread after a loooooong while. Down to the final 18!

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    Someone has to have one somewhere!

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