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Thread: Stringers wife sues the NFL

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    Stringers wife sues the NFL
    I can't say I'm surprised.
    Owen Harts wife sued the then WWF after his death.I'm sure there are more that I can't think of right now.
    How come these people allways try to sue?

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    I really don't think she should sue. But i bet she will get a settlement from the NFL

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    she will get a settlement but i hate when people bring tragic events back by suing.

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    i agree w/ russel...she is using a tragedy as an excuse to be greedy

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    Kelli has been suing everyone and anyone involved with NFL....

    she's just looking for money, and it doesn't take a genius to see that Korey's death had nothing to do with any premeditation.

    But, she's spoiled with wealth, and will not settle until she gets millions upon millions.

    what a shame

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    She shouldn't sue the NFL, she should sue the Vikings team themselves. That would make a lot more sense. Anyway, Korey literally worked himself to death so it really wasn't anyone else's fault. It's a shame.


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    death is a unappreciated part of sports...many players have died due to training accidents and od's of supplements

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    I hope she loses in all her lawsuits.

    It's not like there was any intention to kill Korey

    She's been suing everyone she can think of.


    b/c she lost her source of income, and isn't willing to work in the real world

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    I think she's already sued the vikings for something.

    It's horrible what happened. I remember watching a press conference after his death was announced. In the background, throughout the whole thing there was someone just completley weeping the whole time... I figured it was his wife... It turned out to be Randy Moss... I dont think I'll ever forget that.

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    insanefishpossay - oh, yea, I remember that. out of all the flashiness, cockiness, and showmanship, Randy "I play when I wanna play" Moss certainly showed some heart in grieving the loss of his teammates.

    Shows that he does have some human touch

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