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    Dez Bryant laundry tag patch auto 1/1 FT

    I'm going to start fielding offers on this Dez 1/1 I pulled back in December. The card is a 2010 Dez Bryant Absolute Memorabilia RPM Laundry Tag Patch Auto #'d 1/1. I would like to trade it for 1-3 cards (preferably HOFers) and will be looking for around $300 SV on it. Lmk what you have for trade and I'll get back to you asap, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snick103 View Post
    please cmb and pm me thanks
    Nothing for me in there, sorry. Thanks for the post though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeWitGod View Post
    please cmb for it
    Nothing for the Dez. I posted in your thread about another possible trade though

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    Quote Originally Posted by troygoesdeep View Post
    nice card sir

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortz91 View Post
    please cmb and lmk thanks
    All I saw that I could use was the Barry Sanders auto/patch /15. Lmk if you have any other HOFer autos not pictured in your bucket so we can try to make a deal. Thanks!

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    Go ahead and check me for it. Most of my stuff is new but I'll try.

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