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Thread: Past HSHS cards

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    Question Past HSHS cards

    Are the past players "bap hshs" cards worth anything ?

    I figured they would be, due to the fact the cards are not returned once redeemed!!

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    They expire a certain amount of months after release. But do you mean the actual game used cards you get in return or the points cards?

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    The jerseys are listed in beckett every so often. The points may be worth a few dollars to a player collectoy, maybe.

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    I know the redemption cards are limited, but it seems as though the cards which were not redeemed would hold at least a little value!They are made of very thick decoy stock!!
    Also, Knowing that once the cards are turned in for the points, BAP doesn't return them just made me wonder.

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    I dont know, try selling a few? If you succeed, lmk. I have quite a bit I'd sell for any amount of money!

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    i meant the points but they must be expired after an amount of time, it makes sense

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