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    All I know is he is one of my receives in my keeper league... I hope they find him a QB!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMC13 View Post
    For 1, he wasn't a victim in the shooting, he was in instigator that caused the ruckus. no he didn't pull the trigger, but his mouth led to the drive-by in any case. It's not illogical. If his choice of women was better he wouldn't get stabbed. he may be the stabbing victim, but when it comes down he was the moron who gave the psycho a ring. It is his fault. There is a reason his own teammates tweeted "not suprised" by him getting stabbed. Stupid decisions are just that. If you walk out in front of a car than it's your fault when you get hit. when you are in an abusive relationship it's your fault for getting shanked before you get out of it. Easy.
    I got news for you bud: Even if you start a verbal argument with someone that doesn't really open you up to being shot at. And if you're being shot're probably a victim. Yes, Marshall may have started the altercation, but at no point did he do or say anything that warranted his group being shot at. That's just ridiculous. He was a victim in that situation, albeit not the victim who suffered the most.

    You have some interesting views on relationships and character and it's good that you stick to your guns I guess. That said, I think you need to examine the stabber/stabee dynamic and look at who is really in the wrong there. Pretty sure it's the stabber, since people aren't generally supposed to stab anyone, ever, except in the most dire of circumstances (i.e. fighting for survival). Just sayin'.

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    So I killed people in war, I didn't want it to get to this, but I feel it's needed at this point. I shot people while their weapons down. Yes they are my victims but wouldn't be if they didn't have a gun in hand when I raised my weapon. I'm not saying that she was right for stabbing him, she is the aggressor and not in the right regardless. It doesn't mean he is innocent because he is a victim. He has a history of starting guff so all I'm saying is it's as much could be his fault as much as anyones. They have a history of violence, that alone should be a call for an end. The fact is, if I raise my fist and end up getting shot, it's my fault as much as the other persons because I don't know how they are gonna react. I carry a loaded weapon on me at all times and I'll use it if I feel threatened, I'm not going to drive by after an altercation and shoot up a limo because I'm not a coward, but if I felt my life was threatened the law states 2 in the chest 1 in the head and I will use all 3 cartridges. Marshall needs to grow up beyond this little kid crap and bad things will stop happening, I only say this as a hood-rat who used to have a past like his and I would have died had I not gotten my cr*p strait. I got the scars to prove it and got lucky on a few occasions, but every situation in my life that was bad in that way was directly affected by the way I handled myself in that period of time and I was the only one who could change that for myself. Marshall does not bare all the blame, but to say he's innocent is rediculous.

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