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Thread: Lakewood Blue Claws......?

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    Lakewood Blue Claws......?

    Has anyone graphed the Lakewood Blue Claws in NJ. Going to see the Mets A ball team and then May 14th. Hagerstown will be there, Bryce Harper at the moment is with Hagerstown. I'm expecting a zoo? Hopefully he does not get promoted just yet.
    Do both teams enter and exit the stadium in the same place? where in the stadium?
    Any help would be great.

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    No help, but I was wondering the same thing. Blue Claws are a Phillies team BTW
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    The stadium is small and I would imagine all the players exit through the front much like Trenton. It is a nice little stadium.
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    Harper isn't going anywhere for a while. His average is below .300 and his Ks are higher than his walks. His numbers are decent, but not anywhere near what gets 18 year old promoted to Hi-A this early in the season.
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