Posting sport card price data (to include online and print versions) is prohibited in the open forums. Publishers of sports card pricing data strictly prohibit the sharing of their data. This is copyright infringement and illegal. This is a rule that we are putting in place to cover Sports Card Forum legally, in the event any other site would ever want to press charges.

Specifically, members can not:

* Start "Book Value Request" threads or threads volunteering pricing data.
* Use your Online Price Guide (OPG) or print version price guide as a community tool in anyway.
* Scan print versions of Beckett, Tuff stuff or other publications and post the scans on SCF.
* Answer requests for book values in the open forum and reference the source.

These posts will be closed, and a user note will be added to your account. If you continue to post these you will receive infraction points, and if you then continue posting, you will be suspended.

What is allowed on SCF?

* Talking about book value and the source while negotiating deals is permitted.
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* Posting trade/sell lists with your estimated values without referencing the source. Stating "book value" is allowed, but not "Beckett Book Value" or "Tuff Stuff Book Value".

Telling a member that you got a value from Beckett or Tuff Stuff is not an issue while negotiating deals. It is prohibited to use your OPG or print price guide as a community tool. You are permitted to mention Beckett or Tuff Stuff while negotiating a deal. This is not using your price guide as a community tool. When you purchase a price guide you are licensed to use that data for personal/private use. It is common for several people to use a print version of Beckett when trading in person. The same goes for selling/trading online.

If you have any questions on these rules, please PM myself or another SCF moderator. Thanks for your understanding.