Football Show and Tell
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This specific forum is pretty simple and straightforward to use, we just ask you follow these simple rules to help keep this forum organized and running smoothly. Thanks!

General Guidelines:
  • Do NOT post trade lists or cards for trade in this forum. This forum is for personal collection and show and tell, if these cards are available for trade please list them in football trading section like you would do so normally. If someone inquires about trading for the card, please handle this through PMs.
  • Do NOT use Bump or TTT posts. These will only clutter the forum. Only reply to your own topic if you are updating your specific list of PC. Bump or TTT posts of any sort will have your post deleted entirely.
  • Do NOT reply to post asking to trade for a specific card. If someone posts a card in the Show n Tell forums and you would like to trade for it, PM them and let them know, any replies asking for trades will be deleted. If you are posting in a specific members Personal Collection, and for example they collect Jerry Rice, you may list cards you have of that player for trade to help boost their collection.
  • We encourage you to include the following information in your post. Include a picture/scan of the card(s) displayed in your post, include information about the card, (set, card #, player name, etc.), include how you obtained it, as well as any other information you find interesting.
  • If listing multiple cards. Please if you are planning on listing multiple PC items of yours, don't create 40 seperate posts make 1 post and include pictures and info of your PC in replies to your post.
  • Mailday Post. We encourage you to post good maildays or ebay steals...We would all love to see your goodies!
  • LIST FOOTBALL ONLY! Last but not least, do not list other sports in the Football Show and Tell Forum, list them in the other sports forums. Thanks! If you have other sports posted in your list, they will be removed and deleted.
  • Please do not Post Box Breaks or Pack Breaks here. Please post box breaks and pack breaks in the Product Reviews subforum.

Other Uses For This Forum:

Show off Prized sets
Want to show off your most prized set, or that vintage set that took you years to build? We want to hear about it! Feel free to post that as Show n Tell here.

Show off Personal Memorobilia
Show off that nice autograph of your favorite football player, or some memorobilia of your favorite team you acquired!

Thanks and Post those Personal Collections and Sweet Cards for us all to check-out!