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    Talking 1/1 Wilt Chamberlain Magic Johnson and more Signed Backboard UDA

    I wanted to show off something really remarkable. I bought this from a guy (trusted seller and known) that went to shows to get these signed. The backboard is truly 1/1 and really beautiful on the wall. It measures 35"x45"x2". Older backboard from the mid 90's which is dated on the back but forgot it and it already mounted on the wall. Let me know what you think. Thanks SCF.

    Wilt Chamberlain (Signed at Cherry Hill Race Track Card Show)

    Julius Erving "Dr. J" (Signed at The Hilton in Phillidelphia, PA)

    Magic Johnson UDA Certified at Show

    Elgin Baylor GAI Certified

    Jerry West GAI Certified

    Isiah Thomas

    Jerry Lucas

    Elvin Hayes

    Bill Walton

    Bob Mcadoo PSA/DNA certified

    Most of the signatures are verified and it past quick opinon. I paid a pretty penny for this one.

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