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Thread: which box?

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    Question which box?

    which box should i get

    2003 Signature series

    2003 Atomic

    money doesn't matter. i like the fact that your garunteed 3 jerseys and a patch in atomic, as well as all those numbered cards. But i also like all the autos and the chance of pulling a really sweet card in signature series, but i could also get no jerseys. I don't know.
    anybody get really good stuff from a box of either of these?

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    2003 Sig. Series, got some great cards from this set. If you do get, I'll trade you for the points.

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    sig series...i bought 3 packs of sig series and i pulled 4 autos and a jersey

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    it was a comrie jersey...nothing special but im a big comrie fan so i was happy.

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