Welcome to the Football Breaks/Product Review forums! This forum is created to give a organized place to show off your breaks or do LIVE breaks as you go. This will also serve as a place to show product reviews for future product and host all official box breaks from companies. Enjoy and Have fun!
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Basic Rules:

1. This forum is for posting your Box and Pack breaks. So have fun with them and be creative! Feel free to post pics and videos if ya got em! Product reviews is more for the staff to post for your information and reference.

2. Do not post your tradelists, tradelinks, websites, or photobucket links unless they are specifically relating to the break.

3. Group Breaks are NOT permitted by regular members...If you conduct them your post will be closed.

4. On all transactions, you are expected to post in the trade manager and follow the trade rules of SCF.

5. There is a 12 hour no bumping rule. A bump by definition is, any post to your thread that is not a direct reply to another member's inquiry. Warning points will be issued to those who do not follow this policy.

6. When trading think about the other person you are trading with, treat the cards you are sending through the mail as if you were receiving. No one appreciates receiving damaged cards. Check this out for some tips.

Any questions feel free to contact any of the members of the SCF Football Team. Thanks and Happy Trading!