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    I need all deshaun foster jerseys and autographs

    I'm trying to get all his jerseys and autos. Let me know what you've got, and I'll let you know if I need it. Even though I have a lot of them, I'd still be willing to get doubles of most of them.

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    i have a deshaun foster 2002 private stock titanium post season #ed 121/435 and is a jersey

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    I'd be willing to trade for it. What's it's BV?

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    I did some researching, and it books $12. Check out my site and see if you like anything from it.

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    hey steelers, check out my site for something for the foster.

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    steelers- still want to trade it?

    Come on, I know there's other people with foster jerseys. If you have any, please list them here.

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