Great thread. I'm not quite as much into the race used as most collectors, but more into the autographs and graded cards. But here are my top 10 favorites.

10. 2004 Press Pass Kyle Busch RC PSA 10. Not a huge value card but tougher to find then all of the base autographs I have of Shrub.

9. 1999 Wheels Gold Tony Stewart RC 19/50. Again, not huge value but I've had it in my collection for 10 years and won't ever unload it.

8. 2000 SP Authentic Jimmie Johnson RC PSA 9 23/92. Tough card to find, I thought it had a great shot at a 10. Like this one more then my 2000 JJ Maxx PSA 10.

7. 1999 Press Pass Kevin Harvick RC PSA 10. First card of Harvick that I know of.

6. 2000 SP Authentic Sign of the times Jimmie Johnson RC autograph. Not the biggest JJ fan but you wouldn't know it from looking at my collection. I have every 2000 rookie card made which are much tougher to find then the newer stuff.

5. 1999 Upper Deck Dale Earnhardt autograph. I have a few of the Intimadator's autographs but this is my favorite since it was in person.

4. 2000 SP Authentic Sign of the times Kevin Harvick 14/25 autograph. Love this card, bought it off feebay for over $100 awhile ago, I know I will never get my money back but I don't care, it stays in my PC.

3. 2000 Upper Deck Maxx Adam Petty Racers Ink autograph. The only single Petty signed certified card that I know of. It was a must buy for me.

2. 2013 Total Memorabilia Kyle Larson Rising Stars Rookie autograph 4/25. I like this autograph so much I just bought another one 9/25. I also have 5 other certified autographs of the driver I believe will be the next Johnson as long as he gets out of EGR. (fingers crossed)

1. 1987 World of Outlaws Jeff Gordon RC PSA 10. First production card of one of racings all time greats. Very rare card and you have to love the mustache attempt at age 16.