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Thread: Yesterday's mail... Best ever!

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    Yesterday's mail... Best ever!

    The card on the left is what finally arrived yesterday, along with two other Brodeur Jersey cards. ;) The one on the left was picked up at The National. I can't wait for the seven other trades I have to show up...


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    I traded the 01/02 SPX Yzerman Tribute auto 1/19 for the Brodeur Auto Patch and two other brodeur jersey cards, came to $400 in bv, an even trade for the Yzerman. For some reason, I always end up with Red Wings game used stuff when I break boxes...


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    nice cards, wish i couldve had the yzerman tribute

    the brodeur auto patch is nice, i have a gagne like that

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    They are nice cards, Phantom, I can get a 2002 SPx Yzerman Tribute Home and Away Jersey. LMK

    Oh and PM ME!

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