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    In need of

    Hey i am looking for Modano, Hedberg, Turco, Avs, and Penguins cards. I have my tradelist posted under trade/sell list in another thread. Any trade offers please email me at Thanks alot.


    Ebay name: Penzfan4lyfe66

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    Hey check out my tradelist

    You'll find some of what you are collecting.

    Are you collecting their commons aswell? lmk

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    hey i could use both kovalev and kasperitits jereys, and the christov auto + both turco jerseys i just cracked 2 boxes of impressions so i will have the comons u need

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    Great, do you have a tradelist I can look at? Also, out of Impressions, are you looking to trade your RC's and SP's that you pull? Let me know?

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    ok, can u take a look at my site?

    i kno i have some

    would u be interested in a 02-03 sp game used modano 1st rounders patch /30?

    would u buy it?

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    Penzfan: Let me know what commons you can get me that I need, and let me know which Inserts and RC's you have to trade and we can make a deal with the cards you want.

    Phantom: All the Premiers are pending a trade right now, but the Neely is available

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