Poll: How did you find SCF

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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    I stumbled on the site through google and I'm just starting with collecting.

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    1) Did a SCF member refer you here? Nope
    2) Did you find us through a search engine (google, yahoo, etc.)? Google yes
    3) Did you hear somebody from youtube mentioning SCF? Nope
    4) Did members from other trading sites refer you here? Nope
    5) Did you hear about SCF from somebody/somewhere else? Nope

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    Was browsing a random fourm, and somebody posted that this site had a huge database for TTM. Followed the link, signed up, and here I am now.

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    I had about 10-15 people from Hobby Insider tell me about it.

    Glad they did!

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    I was searching for more information about a card using the Yahoo search engine. I found a link that led to this site. I then began to read the forums and it seemed interesting. I joined recently and would like to learn more about collecting.

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    Actually, I've known about SCF for years, but was very busy on 4 other sites and didn't want to join a 5th one. As traffic died on those sites, I decided to give SCF a try.

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    New to the site

    Hi, New to the site, started collecting about 2 years ago with my son. My name is Jason and I heard about this site from some of the you tube videos as well as another site (TCC). I hoping to get my trade list up soon.

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    I found you guys doing a search through google or yahoo I can't remember which lol.

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    Found the forum through a Google search for an autographed card! Great find.


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